Updating python on mac os x

As you make progress in geoscientific programming, you will probably use the Terminal a lot, so it will benefit you to become familiar with it.For this exercise we will open up the Terminal by going to the OS X Finder and navigating to the Application, Utilities folder. A package management tool is a software application that helps you manage software libraries that enable you to get your work done.These software libraries may relate to plotting for scientific publication or accessing certain kinds of data, for example.Since Sphinx is written in the Python language, you need to install Python (the required version is at least 2.7) and Sphinx.Sphinx packages are available on the Python Package Index.Download the Python 3.5 version by clicking on the “Mac OS X 64 bit Graphical Installer” link. This action will guide you through the conda installation on your Mac.

Most Windows users do not have Python, so we begin with the installation of Python itself.If you have already installed Python, please skip this section. Look at the left sidebar and under “Quick Links”, click “Windows Installer” to download.Note Currently, Python offers two major versions, 2.x and 3.x.Anaconda from Continuum Analytics will help you install by navigating to the Anaconda download page.Scroll down to the “Anaconda for OS X” portion of the web page.

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