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I helped with the ring sales by putting in words and numbers on the outside of the ring by using a hammer and punch. I have lots of those rings now and I wear them on any particular finger when my mood suits me, I sometimes wear several rings at once (pea-cocking? That very spur-of-the-moment photo provides a very unique opportunity for an online dating profile experiment.I have a mostly inactive online dating account on Plenty of Fish (Po F). I have the option to make the gun photo my primary profile photo and see what the response will be.Religion and politics are two things I was taught to avoid discussing, especially early in a relationship or at any gathering where severely differing opinions might be present.You didn't talk about gun control — at least never in favor of it — around Uncle Mack, and you sure as hell didn't mention anything about being pro-choice at any family gathering.Nugent has been touring annually since 1967, averaging more than 300 shows per year (1967–73), 200 per year (1974–80), 150 (1981–89), 127 concerts in 1990, 162 concerts in 1991, 150 concerts in 1993, 180 in 1994, 166 in 1995, 81 in 1996, Summer Blitz '97, '98, Rock Never Stops '99, and 133 concerts with KISS 2K.Nugent's 2005 plans involved a tour with country music singer-songwriter Toby Keith, whom Nugent met in Iraq while they were both performing in USO-sponsored shows for the coalition troops. Holmes (original singer for the Ted Nugent band), Johnny Bee Badanjek (drummer for Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels), and Nugent's guitar teacher from 1958, Joe Podorsek, all jammed on stage with Nugent for various tunes.He attended William Fremd High School in Palatine, Illinois, then transferred after his freshman year to St. 34 albums and has sold a career total of 30 million records.

That was the first time I’ve ever held such a weapon and the big smile was the result of the sheer novelty.I think either Bloomberg’s people, Soros’ people, or the White House, possibly all three, must be pushing women’s magazines to do pieces to turn women off of guns.Probably because despite their machinations, they know the trend is real, and it will doom them if it continues.Cosmo is the latest women’s mag to come out with an article to shame male gun owners, and presumably the women who date them.Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner on their first date in 2007.

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